“It’s a tragedy that people like Jon Huntsman lose to people like Ted Cruz,” my friend and fellow columnist Sumantra Maitra said last year when discussing American politics. “He doesn’t sound smart to me.” Editor’s note: This column was supposed to be published shortly after Cruz made his announcement, but it was delayed for various… Read Article →

“Spring Festival was different when I was young. It was the only time we could eat this well. I remember waiting in line to buy the tofu we just ate, because it was such a luxury.” “There wasn’t any tofu. That was egg.” “I thought it was tofu, too.” “When my parents were children, they… Read Article →

Somewhere Only We Know opened in China this week. Its a melodramatic romance by a famous director/actress, as I wrote in my review. Interestingly, much of the plot was published online by a Czech war reenactment club. From the club’s article, published on July 30, 2014, you can see how the plot and construction evolved…. Read Article →

Somewhere Only We Know is a moving, melodramatic romance with stunning choreography filmed in Prague, Czech Republic. The film, which is Xu Jinglei’s sixth as director, follows the travails of Jintian, played by Xu Jinglei, in Prague, trying to recover after her fiance. Her grandmother, who raised her, happened to live in Prague as a… Read Article →

Chris Christie and Rand Paul have been the subject of negative media attention after making comments to the effect that parents should have choice over whether their children get vaccinated. But wait, some conservatives are saying, President Obama made similar comments in 2008. Is this another example of double standards used to tar Republican politicians?… Read Article →

We all say dumb things when we are 17-years-old. Mike Huckabee was writing them in the Baptist Trumpet, the newspaper of the Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas, at that age, which Buzzfeed has uncovered. So it wouldn’t really be news if he just happened to have said something stupid and changed his mind, but now… Read Article →

I was interviewed by Jiangsu Education TV last Thursday and Friday and this Monday. The reason for my fame? I’m a foreigner in China. They wanted to know about my views on American and Chinese culture and on how foreigners celebrate Spring Festival, the celebration Chinese New Year, which starts on February 19, new year’s… Read Article →

Anti-vaxxers have been attacking vaccinations as “dangerous” for years. From 2007 to 2014, the rate of non-vaccination in kindergartens in California doubled. Coincidentally, the number of measles cases in the US topped 200 in 2011 and almost hit 600 in 2014. Of course Rush Limbaugh knows who is responsible: “Why do we have it now?… Read Article →

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