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Feb 22

4 Photos that Illustrate Anti-Japanese Sentiment in China

By Mitchell Blatt | Foreign Affairs

Anti-Japanese sentiment has risen precipitously in China ever since China and Japan got locked into a heated dispute over possession of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea.

Chinese-Japanese relations reached a boiling point last fall when Hong Kong activists reached the islands on August 14, 2012 and raised the Chinese flag. The Japanese government later stated its goal to formally purchase the islands, which had been owned by private Japanese citizens. In September, rowdy protests broke out throughout China that sometimes got out of hand with Japanese-brand cars getting smashed and violence against those cars’ owners.

There have not been many protests since then, but there have been ongoing boycotts. Below are four photos that illustrate the ways in which anti-Japanese sentiment has manifested itself over the past year.

Please Excuse My Japanese Car

Toyota with logo cover by Chinese flag A Toyota owner put a Chinese flag over the Toyota logo on her car in fall of 2012, possibly as an act of patriotism or to let others know that she is pro-China, despite her car brand. This photo was taken in Shuanglang village, a tourist destination on the coast of the Er Hai Lake in Dali area of Yunnan in Western China in October 2012.
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