Releasing My eBook: Escape to Guizhou — Now Available for Free Download

By Mitchell Blatt | eBooks

Mar 19

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Today I release the first of many ebooks I will be publishing over the next few weeks. This one is titled Escape to Guizhou. It chronicles a journey I took in the western province of Guizhou in the summer of 2011.

In Guizhou, I explored remote villages in the mountains and valleys with original wooden architecture, wind and rain bridges, and drum towers. I experienced local Dong and Miao ethnic culture and witnessed one of the last hunting tribes in China that still owns firearms. It was a journey that took me through rice fields, up winding mountain roads, and into some of the most precious villages hanging onto their traditional culture in China.

It’s quite an adventure, and you can download it now for only $0.00. I’m giving away my first ebook to subscribers of my email newsletter. Sign up below:

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Mitchell Blatt is a travel writer, editor, and columnist based in China. He is an author of two guidebooks, Panda Guides Hong Kong and Panda Guides China. He has been published in National, The Korea Times, Roads & Kingdoms, Vagabond Journey, The, City Weekend, Silkwinds and The World of Chinese, among other outlets. See examples of his published articles.

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