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Sep 05

“Industrial Worship” in China and Change: Zhuzhou Citizens Sentimental for the Days of Industrial Pollution

By Mitchell Blatt | Uncategorized

Photo by Flickr user nouspique, used under Creative Commons.In March, I noted how Chinese people take great pride in their local industries to the point of turning a local monument into an advertisement for a cigarette company.

The Red Pagoda in Yuxi is used as the brand logo for Red Pagoda Hill brand cigarettes, and they built a cigarette museum at the pagoda.

In Zhuzhou, Hunan, I noted that they take a lot of pride in their train car production industry. (Photo (not of Zhuzhou) by Flickr user nouspique, used under Creative Commons.)

Now a new article about Zhuzhou suggests they also have local pride for more environmentally harmful industries pushing smoke out of round pipes. That is, the South China Morning Post reported today in a short blurb that Zhuzhou officials are running into resistance in their campaign to demolish coal fired smokestacks and switch to cleaner gas burning methods.

“[T]he campaign has met resistance from residents who take pride in the city’s industrial past,” the newspaper reported, citing a Changsha Evening News article.
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