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Oct 07

An Interview With Cantonese Opera Diva Li Chixiang

By Mitchell Blatt | Culture

“An Interview With Cantonese Opera Diva Li Chixiang,” published in Universia Study Abroad Blogs on Oct. 7, 2013

Li Chixiang (???) is a Cantonese opera performer from Guangdong who has traveled the world performing and singing and the host of two opera-themed shows on Guangdong Southern TV. Since she began performing opera at age 11, while she was enrolled at the Guangdong Cantonese Opera School, she has won multiple awards and has even been selected to perform at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the most widely viewed TV show in the world by some estimates.

She is an excellent authority to give foreigners a little deeper understanding of Cantonese opera and the life of an opera actress.

How old were you when you started studying Cantonese opera?
9 years old

Read full interview: An Interview With Cantonese Opera Diva Li Chixiang

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Feature photo was taken from Li Chixiang’s Weibo page and used with her permission.

Oct 02

Chinese Weibo Reactions to U.S. Government Shutdown

By Mitchell Blatt | Uncategorized

“At least we have a functioning government!”

“They are celebrating Chinese National Day!”

America’s government shutdown has become a trending topic on China’s microblogging platform Weibo. There are two popular reactions from China’s netizens. One is to praise China’s one-party system for not having to deal with this kind of situation. Another is to joke about how the shutdown started on October 1, China’s National Day, which is a national travel holiday. America’s government is taking the week off just like Chinese people have the week off!

Here are some selected reactions from the Chinese internet:

@惊鸿照影0707: #American Government Shutdown# I was just eating lunch and said to my friend, You know why America’s government shutdown! My friend had a confused look, asked why, then I told her I know it is in order to celebrate Chinese National Day! What the heck does Chinese National Day have to do with America! It is explained, the number of Chinese people is so great! America’s government has some Chinese people within, so they get the time off for National Day!

#美国政府关闭# 刚吃中饭的时候跟同事说,你们知道吗美国政府关闭了! 对方一脸困惑,为什么阿,我知道了是为了庆祝中国国庆节吧! 我擦中国国庆节和美国有什么关系阿!同事解释,中国人多啊!美国政府里都是中国人,过节放假阿! 为美国点上一根 详情:

From RenRen, a Facebook-style social networking site, this status is shared by study abroad students in America:

Don’t need to say anymore, at least our homeland has a functioning government. Sometimes I get so tired of debating political structure with Americans, because a lot of them have been brainwashed by democracy.

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