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Dec 02

Ray Kurzweil Was Right: The Neo-Luddite Movement is Growing

By Mitchell Blatt | Uncategorized

Today, Will Oremus at Slate has quoted futurist Ray Kurzweil as predicting that people will be able to live forever. Kurzweil is known for making far fetched predictions about the future, but the broader trajectory of his predictions has generally been right: Technology is advancing at an impressive rate.

Oremus did point to Forbes writer Alex Knapp’s article that claimed that the predictions Kurweil made in The Age of Spiritual Machines were mostly wrong. Knapp does point out some that were objectively wrong (Translating telephones are in development, but the translations are of poor quality, and they are far from widespread usage.) and others that were arguably wrong, but there is at least one Knapp labeled as wrong that ended up being completely accurate.

“The neo-Luddite movement is growing.”
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