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Mar 25

Recent Writings: Taiwan Protests, Hong Kong Protests, Disgusting Trains, and More

By Mitchell Blatt | New Writing

Forget about Ukraine (until an article I wrote about it gets published). Taiwan’s legislature has been invaded by students protesting a trade deal with China. Hong Kong is next (this summer), if Occupy Central does its thing. They praised the Taiwanese protests as a model. Here are some articles I have written recently about those and other topics:

Chinese netizens slam Taiwanese celebrities for supporting Occupy Legislature protests

Taiwanese musicians and celebrities are under fire on Weibo for lending their support to the protesters who have occupied Taiwan’s legislature in opposition to a trade deal with China.

The musician Zhang Xuan (张悬) and the director He Yizheng (柯一正) were both present at demonstrations against the deal, as reported by People Online.

The musicians taking a stand against the deal face backlash in China where they have large fan bases. Weibo users have been referring to them as being supporters of “Taiwanese independence.” The hashtag #Taiwanese Independence Stars Get Out of the Mainland# (#台独明星滚出大陆# ) is trending on Sina Weibo with 81,012 mentions this week.
Full Article: Mayday band receives Chinese hate after they support Taiwanese protests

Occupy Central Hong Kong expresses support for occupy Taiwan legislature protests

After one of the leaders of Occupy Central, a pan-democrat protest movement in Hong Kong, visited an outspoken Taiwanese politician last October, critics of Occupy Central claimed the movement was backing “Taiwanese independence.”

The Global Times said that meant the Hong Kong opposition was “at risk of becoming [an] enemy of the State.” Protesters outside of an Occupy Central deliberation day in October held a sign that said, “Oppose Occupy Central, Resist the Influence of the Taiwanese Independence Movement Attacking Hong Kong.” (“反占中,拒台独势力袭港.”)

Now Occupy Central has expressed support for the Taiwanese protesters who have occupied their legislature in opposition to a cross-straits trade deal.
Full Article: Occupy Central solidarity with Occupy Taiwan


China’s Dirtiest Trains

See more disgusting pictures of China’s dirtiest trains in my article.

“On March 16, Xinhua reported the story of a Hunan farmer who turned his motorcycle into a helicopter…

Taiwanese mothers are on the scene to support their little protesters, and Claudia Mo, a leading Hong Kong pan-democrat politician, posted their photo to her Facebook fan page.