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Jun 04

News Updates on Occupy Central Referendum

By Mitchell Blatt | New Writing

Occupy Central is making changes to their June 20-22 referendum after encountering opposition from within. One new question is being added to the referendum in addition to the question about electoral procedures for the 2017 chief executive election. Organizers also said they might not go forward with the opposition if they don’t get a high enough turnout.

Here are some important developments:

Occupy Central Could Abandon Disobedience Plan if Less Than 100,000 Vote in Referendum
In late May, one of Occupy Central’s three leaders, Chan Kin-man, said that it would be an admission of failure if less than 100,000 people vote in their June 20-22 referendum. “If not even 100,000 people turn up, I can say frankly that I think the campaign has failed. We, the three organisers, have discussed it … and we think that if only tens of thousands of people voted, we should make a public apology and admit that we don’t have the ability to lead the campaign,” Chan said, according to the South China Morning Post. But Chan also said that low turnout wouldn’t definitely cancel the movement’s civil disobedience plan, saying, according to the Hong Kong Standard, “[That doesnt mean] we no longer want civil disobedience. We never said it would be game over.”

Occupy Central Adds Question, Emphasizes PlanContinue reading

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