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Dec 13

The Anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre and Rising Chinese Nationalism

By Mitchell Blatt | Foreign Affairs

Xi Jinping gave a speech at the 77th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre memorial event that shamed Japanese massacre deniers.

BBC quoted Xi as saying,

“Anyone who tries to deny the massacre will not be allowed by history, the souls of the 300,000 deceased victims, 1.3 billion Chinese people and all people loving peace and justice in the world.”

A subtle jab at Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo who visited the Yasukuni Shrine, where some of the commanders who were found guilty by the military tribunal for involvement in the incident are enshrined?

While there is an annual ceremony at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, this is the first year the president has presided over a national event and the first year it has been a national holiday. It is one of three holidays recently implemented as memorials to Sino-Japanese War-related incidents, according to the BBC.
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