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May 15

Guilin Guesthouses and One of the Best Train Rides

By Mitchell Blatt | Travel

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The three hour train ride from Guangzhou South to Guilin North station must be one of the most beautiful in China. The view out the window transitions from a sprawling view of Guangzhou’s skyline when you depart to views of farmland and mountains and then into the steep rocky, karst points of northern Guangxi.


Once you arrive at Guilin North, there is a whole street of cheap hotels and guesthouses just at the side of the station. Don’t go to the first ones you see. You might think 100 RMB for a single room is cheap if you are coming from Guangzhou. But the guesthouses further down the road and in the allies have rooms starting at 40 or 50 RMB.

Guesthouses and bbq.