“Urgent search for passengers!” Travelers on train cars with sick people urged to seek attention

Any passengers who rode in train cars with people who were found to have contracted coronavirus are urged by Chinese authorities, in calls promoted in the press, to visit a disease prevention and control center in their hometown.

An article in People’s Daily titled, “Spread urgently! Urgent search for Jan. 21 passengers of car #7 in train D3937,” warns that a passenger who got off the train in southwestern Guangxi province has been confirmed to have the disease.

The train, which runs a relatively short distance from Liuzhou, Guangxi to Dali, Yunnan in the neighboring province, does not pass through Wuhan or the province of Hubei at any point.

Other warnings were published about other trains.

Many Chinese people are reluctant to take trains, planes, and buses now. Some do not even want to take public transportation in their own city! The Nanjing Metro and others have made wearing face masks on board mandatory.