Indie Travel in Hong Kong for $60 Per Day

“Indie Travel in Hong Kong for $60 Per Day,” published in BootsNAll on June 13, 2013

Hong Kong is one of the most bustling metropolises in the world. The Mongkok district has the second-highest population density in the world, and the government had to fill in much of the bay to accommodate its unconstrained population. The impressive cityscape is, of course, one of the attractions of Hong Kong, whether viewed from the top of Victoria Peak or from the Avenue of Stars at night, watching the Symphony of Lights show.

But what many don’t know about Hong Kong is that it is also the site of beautiful natural features and great for hiking and relaxing on the beach. With a land-mass of 1,104 sq. km. divided into 18 districts and over 20 islands, Hong Kong has enough territory to keep a traveler interested for weeks.

Unfortunately, Hong Kong is also one of the most expensive places in the world, and it has the most expensive rent in the world, according to consulting firm ECA International. Luckily, travel in Hong Kong can be done on a low budget if you know where to stay and where to go, keeping focused on local cultural activities and nature areas.

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Feature photo taken by Mitchell Blatt.