Oberlin Students Don’t Know Anything About Ethnic Food

“Social Justice Warriors At Oberlin Don’t Know Anything About Ethnic Food”, published at The Federalist on January 4, 2016

Contrary to all appearances, the Oberlin Review is not an Onion-style satire of social justice commentary. One might be excused for thinking so, however, after reading some of its headlines. The student-run newspaper of Oberlin College recently reported, “CDS Appropriates Asian Dishes, Students Say.”

Yes, now even making or eating foods another culture has inspired counts as “cultural appropriation.” If we can’t enjoy nights out eating sushi or Korean barbecued meats (and, in many cases, putting money into the pocket of an immigrant entrepreneur), then what’s the point of living? This social-justice warrior (SJW) craziness almost made me reach for a glass of sake until I realized that sake is a foreign import.

The article further reveals that students are complaining their cafeteria produces “inauthentic” and disgusting versions of ethnic cuisine. The real problem apparently isn’t that they appropriated culture but that they did a poor job of appropriating culture. It’s a cafeteria, after all. Who goes there expecting good food? During my time at Indiana University, students went to the small cafe full of Chinese students on the edge of campus with the menu on the wall in Chinese characters if they wanted good and real Chinese food.

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