Why Pete Buttigieg Will Never Become President

“Why Pete Buttigieg Will Never Become President,” published in The National Interest on February 18, 2020

The legend of Rhodes Scholar Pete’s amazing intelligence grew again this week when he wowed the audience by naming the president of Mexico at a forum put on by Telemundo in Nevada, a feat two of his fellow contenders were unable to pull off. Pete capped off the performance by answering a few questions in Spanish.

Buttigieg has been praised for his intellectual capacity by people across the spectrum, from MSNBC to news and features reporters his media team courted to himself to Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld, who called him “the smartest one” two weeks ago. Heavy.com’s Erin Laviola wrote last June—echoing many others—that, if elected, Genius Pete “would be the first president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to be fluent in another language besides English.”

Excuse me for ruining the wunderkid facade cosmopolitan liberal elders would like to imagine, but, if I may respond in the manner of Consultant Pete, the proposition that Pete Buttigieg is a polyglot fluent in half a dozen languages is bs. (Hell, he doesn’t even sound like a normal human when speaking in English.)

At the Telemundo event, Pete actually stumbled through many of his attempts at Spanish. “Gracias para hablar, uh, this evening,” was his way of thanking the hosts for having him this evening. When he spoke to Norwegian reporters, he stopped after about two sentences and said, “Sorry, I just ran out of Norwegian.” When asked on Morning Joe how many languages he can speak, he said, “It depends on what you mean by speak. I’ve got pretty rusty in my Arabic and my Dari. I picked up Dari on my way to Afghanistan.”

The one language he actually appears to speak very well, French, he did not even mention. Not exotic enough for his carefully-crafted image?

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