Freelance China, Korea, and Asia Travel Writer Mitch Blatt: About and Contact

Asia Expert and Journalist Mitchell Blatt Covers Coronavirus On the Ground, Korean Elections, and Chinese Travel and Culture

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Mitchell Blatt has lived and worked in China, Korea, and Asia for seven years. He is the lead author of Panda Guides Hong Kong and contributed two chapters to Panda Guides China. He has been published in outlets like USA Today, The Daily Beast, The Korea Times, The Shanghai Daily, Roads & Kingdoms, and inflight magazines. He has covered Hong Kong’s Occupy Central protests for Vagabond Journey and written about the impeachment of Korean president Park Geun-hye. He has written location summaries for Silkwinds (Silk Air). And he is ready to write for other publications that require travel or cultural content about China, Asia, and travel generally.

Fluent in Chinese and moderate at Korean, he is passionate about local culture and includes cultural notes in his pieces. He is also good at picking out the best restaurants and establishments for different standards, whether that be the most authentic restaurant, the one with the nicest environment, the most highly acclaimed, or the casual dive. He has previously served as foreign editor of the Nanjing lifestyle magazine map.

In 2020, he is one of the leading journalists on the ground in Eastern China covering coronavirus from the country.

He has an audience of 3,000 loyal followers from around the world on Facebook and is capable of producing video content as well.

According to Blatt’s blog,

If you follow Blatt and read his articles, you will end up at street bars in Saigon, chatting with gay Vietnamese about the struggle for rights; at ethnic feasts in China where the local minority ethnic group feeds visitors shot after shot of rice wine; in Mao Zedong’s hometown in Hunan, where entrepreneurs pray to the Communist god for wealth; and at many other interesting places in Asia and the rest of the world.

Should you be interested in contacting Blatt for a project or any other reason, email him at:
MitchellBlatt – at – Gmail

Or message him on Facebook.

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