10 Things Everyone Learns Solo Traveling

10 Things Everyone Learns Solo Traveling

What are the Advantages of Solo Traveling?

Bali Travels – Ask anyone who has ever traveled alone, and they probably wouldn’t want to go on an adventure any other way. It can be daunting at first, and it’s certainly easier for some than for others. But spending time alone on the road is one of the most rewarding travel experiences out there.

10 Things Everyone Learns Solo Traveling

Whether it’s a long trip around the world or a solitary weekend getaway habit, here are 10 things everyone learns when Solo Traveling:

You Always Come Home with Lots of New Friends

Have you ever noticed that you’re more likely to ask one person than ask a group of people? Solo is more approachable, plain and simple. Lone solos learn that the benefits of this are twofold. Not only will other travelers feel much more comfortable introducing themselves to you. But it’s actually easier for you to strike up conversations with others too.

Engage With Residents

You can engage with locals on a level that only solo travelers can when Solo Traveling. You know that local people are more open, and definitely more curious, when it’s just you walking into that café within the walls, or tasting the tangy aromas of that roadside stall.

From a heartfelt conversation on a rickety train, to suddenly having a network of friendly families who are happy to host you for a night, you know there’s nothing quite like the amazing Bali experiences that are possible in the Best Villas in Bali when you’re traveling with others.

You’re Free to Be as Adventurous as You Like, and that Feels Great

No need to compromise when traveling alone. No need to satisfy a hapless friend’s craving for an overpriced burger and fries, or incessant complaints about mosquito bites in the jungle where you’re on travel cloud 9. As a lonely wanderer, you travel where you want, when and however you want – All with a liberating level of pleasure.

Gain a Deep Understanding

You get a deep understanding of the destinations you visit. Book through a trusted travel partner. Traveling alone, you are more immersed in your surroundings. You notice the unique customs, and subtle characters that truly make a place what it is. But walk down the same street chatting with an old friend, and your mind is often set elsewhere.

There’s something liberating about traveling to a place where no one knows you.

For some, Solo Traveling is like a fresh start. Or a temporary escape from the baggage-life you’re forced to bring back home. That’s not to say you’re a different person when abroad, but you may notice how much the anonymity of therapy has changed you by the time you return home.

The Only Time is Healthy and We Rarely Get Enough of It

Time spent Solo Traveling and unplugged forces you to really reflect on your life back home, your recent experiences on the road and the direction you’re headed. Some of those thoughts aren’t always pleasant to deal with, but solo travelers know that while solitude can be difficult at times, they are stronger for it.

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What do you get from Solo Traveling?

Distance makes you appreciate the important people in your life. Distance makes you appreciate the people who matter most in your life back home. Especially the ones you already take for granted. Far away and alone, you are reminded to make the most of every second with loved ones when you return.

Distance Teaches You That Some People You Think Are Important Are Actually Not

The same distance can also make you realize that some people in your life are not as important as you thought. Be they bad influences, toxic loves or fair weather friends, it’s not always a welcome realization. But usually for the best

When You’re a Little Lonely, You’ll Be More Creative

Whether it’s journaling, drawing, philosophizing or brainstorming future entrepreneurial ventures, solo travelers are usually forced to find new expressive ways to entertain themselves when there’s no conversation (or wi-fi). You might even stumble upon your calling.

Sometimes It’s Fun to Pretend That You’re the Only Tourist in the world

But let’s be honest for a second very rarely are we ever as brave or adventurous as we’d like to imagine to be Solo Traveling. Still, when you’re the only tourist on that bush bus to nowhere there’s a thrilling fantasy that plays on your mind as you see a whole new world go out the window and solo travelers know that feeling is addictive, and stays with you for the rest of your life.

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