100 Century Avenue – The Best Views in the World From a Bar

100 Century Avenue

The best view in the world from a bar is in Shanghai (and in this post). 100 Century Avenue, the bar and restaurant in the Park Hyatt on the 91st floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center. It has been referred to as the highest bar in the world.

The Shanghai World Financial Center is the third tallest building in the world measured by accessible floors. (Taipei 101 has a very tall tower.) Why don’t the towers of Dubai or Abu Dhabi have a bar and restaurant at the top floors? If they do, 100 Century Avenue is at least the third best view in the world, but maybe it will move to second best after the Shanghai Tower is built and third best if Sky City ever gets built.

Drinks at 100 Century Avenue were of course expensive. 70 RMB ($11.25 USD) for a Guinness, 60 RMB for a Qingdao, and 55 RMB for a glass of juice, but that is actually not terribly expensive for the view in a city where Qingdao costs 50 RMB at almost all the night clubs.

Jin Mao Tower, right next to the World Financial Center.

View of the old English buildings at the Bund from the World Financial Center.