Best 7 Things to do in Ubud Bali!

Ubud Bali

Ubud Bali

Ubud Bali, a famous tourism destination on the Island of the Gods, is located in the heart of Bali, and surrounded by many tourist spots. One of the districts in Gianyar Regency is popular because of the beauty of nature and a variety of art pieces that are still well-kept, growing and being inherited from generation to generation until this day. The Ubud tourism area is another option for tourist destinations, besides the beauty of the beach and the glamorous nightlife in Bali.

Ubud is still one of Bali’s favorite areas and a place that is always busy because almost everything on offer has a touch of culture and tradition. If you’re on vacation for a few days in Ubud, it’s a must to try out the various types of experiences in Ubud, especially if it’s your first visit and you want to get to many of the best tourist destinations in Ubud. In Ubud, Bali, there are a thousand wonderful things to do, and we have also made things to do in Ubud Bali for you by giving you a guide.

Things to do in Ubud

1. Ubud Art

Ubud Bali

Ubud is a collection of peaceful villages with a creative atmosphere that attracted painters, writers and filmmakers from far and near. From moss-covered statues and intricate Hindu offerings to flourishing carvings on wooden furniture, art abounds in Ubud. Several museums in Ubud hold large collections of works by Bali’s most influential artists, while traditional dance and music are performed nightly. Museums and galleries in Ubud are showing off the works of international and local artists. For Balinese art souvenirs you can visit the Ubud Traditional Art Market and local craft villages.

Ubud has been a magnet for Western artists since 1927, when German musician and painter Walter Spies arrived, marking the beginning of the transformation of Balinese art. Moreover, Ubud is a great destination to exercise and learn your creativity and artistic talents. With art classes that include a variety of arts, such as Balinese painting, weaving, carving, and jewelry making.

2. Adventure in Ubud

Adventure in Ubud is one of the most exciting activities to spend your free time on. An escape from the stress of work, adventure can boost your adrenaline and leave a very exciting impression. Here are some options of adventure trips in Ubud that you can try.

The ATV tour is one of the favorite activities in Ubud and is a fun way to enjoy the area’s incredible natural environment. On the ATV tour, you’ll race through the region’s dense jungle, discovering secret caves, valleys and waterfalls along the way. Many local companies offer ATV adventures around Ubud, with most taking the same route. Prices can be quite varied.

Besides ATVs, white water rafting is another adrenaline-pumping adventure you can do around Ubud. The river in Ubud is a fantastic place for rafting in Bali. There are experienced instructors on each raft and a stop on the way for photos and drinks. The river meanders through the stunning Ubud villages, with many interesting drop-offs and turns along the way. The dry season is the best time to go rafting in Ubud for beginners, as the rapids tend to be less intense.

3. Back to Nature

There are tons of rice fields all over Bali, but Tegallalang is one that is world-famous through social media and one of the best places to visit in Ubud. The beauty has been approved by UNESCO as part of Bali’s culturally important subak irrigation system. The magnificent green rice fields are organized neatly down the hills, and surrounded by dense jungle on all sides. It is undeniably, this is one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Please be aware that Tegallalang is still an active farm, so be respectful of the local farmers and stay on the right-of-way. A little tips to get easier access and a more affordable way to visit the same rice fields. That is by going to one of the lesser-known entrances on the other side of the cliff, just a few minutes away. Another option is to visit the cafes or restaurants around Tegallalang Rice Terraces. From many of these places, you get instant access to walk to the terraces for free after buying something.

4. Spiritual

Ubud Bali

Spiritual tourism in Ubud? Visit the Tirta Empul Temple. A sacred temple area that is famous for its pure and fresh spring water. The reason why this place is popular by locals and tourists is because the water here is believed to have healing powers. To be able to participate in this important purification ritual, the process involves washing the head in 30 different places, the process moving from left to right.

The temple was built to be dedicated to Dewa Vishnu, the God of Water in Hindu religion, and the location is half an hour from Ubud.  Besides the holy water pool, visitors can explore the other buildings in the area. Sometimes, it also has ceremonies and festivals throughout the year, presenting a spiritual journey and a glimpse of Bali’s rich culture.

5. Ubud Food

There are many authentic Indonesian dishes to be discovered in Ubud, from an authentic nasi goreng to a bowl full of fresh fruit. Because of their popularity, you’ll find many warung and international restaurants in Ubud. You can spend your free time wandering around Ubud, discovering cute cafes, and trying different dishes there.

Ubud has many places to eat with different themes and types of dishes to suit your taste preferences. Some recommendations are available on social media, which can make it easier for you to choose the right food.

6. Ubud Market

Traveling without souvenirs of Bali is not enough, complete your colorful travel experience by visiting Ubud Market! Not like an average market, this one is very busy, overflowing with fresh food and handcrafted items. It opens at 3am and turns into a bustling art market at 9am! Find traditional goods, try local food and even buy Balinese handicrafts for souvenirs. Ubud Market is a shopping experience with a difference, the destination of traditional shopping in Bali.

7. Relaxing

Ubud Bali

In addition to being a spiritual destination in Bali, Ubud is a center for relaxation and mental healing. Ubud has been popular as a place to simply come and relax. So with that in mind, here are options for enjoying Ubud with a relaxation tour.

Balinese Spas are world famous, there’s no better way to relax in Ubud without visiting a spa. You don’t need to search around either, there are hundreds of spas in the area to choose from. The spas in Ubud offer so much variety that you’re sure to find the experience you’ve been looking for.

Ubud is a yoga lover’s dream. Like the spa world, yoga is also a very popular activity in Ubud. Yoga is a very relaxing activity to do in Bali. There are many yoga studios with classes for all ability levels and desired yoga styles. Enjoying a relaxation trip is a no-brainer as there are many options available in Ubud.


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