ChinaHush’s Hottest Blog Posts of 2014

ChinaHush’s Hottest Blog Posts of 2014

Join Travel Writer Mitchell Blatt in Korea

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In August, China Travel Writer Mitchell Blatt is going to be visiting South Korea for 2 weeks to explore the culture and politics across the country. He will be traveling from north to south, from Seoul to Jeju Island to Busan, exploring the sites of historic revolutions, protests, and military crackdowns as well as modern pleasures like Kpop, baseball, and delicacies like bbq meats, bulgogi, and live squid.

Mitchell will chronicle the journey here at After Mitchell’s amazing journey is complete, he will write about it in a travelogue ebook–but only if he gets enough pre-orders.

Read about Korean revolution and modern culture in great detail; find out about the raw Korea the guidebooks don’t tell you about. Pre-order Travel Writer Mitchell Blatt’s Korea travelogue “Chicken, Beer, and Democracy” at Kickstarter, risk free.

Dec 23

This spring, I worked as the editor of ChinaHush. As part of my end of the year wrap-up, I would like to share the hottest blog posts I wrote for ChinaHush this year according to Google Analytics.

1.) The Most Disgusting Trains in China
Wang had the unfortunate shock of discovering the filth the next morning, when he had been looking for his phone under the covers, after he had slept under it the whole night. “You can clearly see the quilt wasn’t changed in a long time, nor was it hung to dry.”

As dirty as the blanket in Wang’s bed was, it is nowhere near the most disgusting train blanket in China, or the most disgusting train car. ChinaHush searched the internet to find some that will make you never think about riding a train again.
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2.) China’s Most Polluted Cities of 2013
Greenpeace China released the summary of its 2013 survey of Chinese air quality, and the results are clear: The air isn’t.

Of the 74 cities in the report, none of them met the World Health Organization’s recommendations for particulate matter of 2.5 micrometers or less (PM2.5). Only five met the Chinese government’s less stringent standards for PM2.5 levels.
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3.) Matchmaker Shares the Best Places to Pick Up Girls in Beijing
A matchmaker in Beijing shared information on where to look for single girls and what to look for in a recent issue of China Weekly (中国周刊).

The woman, Rong Chaoran, who works for a private dating website, singled out individual malls and brands, going so far as to diss the uneducated girls who shop at Xidan who are too poor to shop at Shin Kong Place.
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4.) Vista Profiles Woman Forced into Sex Slavery by Japanese
Wei Shaolan hadn’t moved out of the mountains for very long before the Japanese invaded Guangxi. A Yao minority from a village outside of Guilin, she had recently married a Han man when she was captured by Japanese troops in December 1944. She remembers a soldier piercing her bamboo backpack to prevent her from running away, and she saw half a dozen other captured women. They became some of the over 100,000 sex slaves imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II.
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5.) Father has Affair with Daughter’s Roommate, They Have Child
The scandalous story of a father having an affair with her daughter’s roommate and having a child went viral in February when the daughter exposed her father in order to get revenge.
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6.) Anti-Chinese Protesters Yell at Mainland Shoppers in Hong Kong
On February 17, 100 Hong Kongese protested and yelled slurs targeting mainland Chinese shoppers in the crowded shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Protesters held signs that said “locusts” and “zhi-na” (支那), a slur that has been linked to the Japanese invasion of China, and waving colonial era Hong Kong flags. Some of them approached mainland shoppers and yelled at them.
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7.) Expats: It’s Your Own Fault if You Don’t Integrate
“Why do so many foreigners still insist upon living in a land where, at this point in history, integration is impossible?” Kevin McGeary writes in a post at The Nanfang.

I am reading his post while I sit in a coffee shop after getting back from seeing the plum blossoms at Zijin Mountain with two Chinese college students I met yesterday at Xuanwu Lake (see post: Plum Blossom Festival photos). I met the two students when one of them looked at me and said, “Hello,” and I replied, “Nihao.” They were so happy to met me. Li Jiawei said I was the first foreign friend she has ever made.
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