Italians in China questioned about travel

Police officers are knocking on the doors of Italians in Shanghai. With over 3,000 cases of coronavirus in Italy, China is trying to prevent the virus from spreading from overseas.

Salvatore Banco, an Italian citizen who works for a tax advising firm in Shanghai, described his interaction:

They came to my place last Monday. They asked if I was okay, healthy, and if I went back to my country during the past 2 weeks. They just took a photo of myself, and they found my passport data. Then, I showed them the authorization to live in my current apartment. Also, they checked the other Italian people in my place. They were friendly and fast, just 10 minutes.

As I wrote at The National Interest, China also has tight self-isolation/quarantine policies in effect at airports for arriving passengers from Korea.

The American embassy in Beijing also sent an email this morning stating, “Effective immediately, cities including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Guangdong and Sichuan Provinces will require people who have recently visited countries with “severe outbreaks” (including South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy) to be quarantined for 14 days in a Chinese facility, greatly restricting or eliminating the passengers ability to leave quarantine during the 14-day observation period.”