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Hospitals in China ask for donations of face masks, medical goods — Here’s how you can help

Hospitals in Chinaa have issued appeals to receive donations of protective medical products, including face masks and protective suits, goggles, and masks. Many hospitals are lacking supplies or at risk of lacking supplies in the future due to large numbers of patients seeking treatment. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that many domestic factories that produce medical supplies are shut down during Spring Festival.

Americans, Canadians, and others have already responded to the call to donate goods. Now I have summarized two of the press releases and listed the addresses for other hospitals, should any of my readers wish to donate goods that could be useful. I have contacted some of the contact people at some of the hospitals listed, and they confirmed they would be happy to receive goods from abroad. If anyone needs any help with how to send packages to China or has questions, you can email me or contact me by email or on Facebook.

Probably the easiest thing for most people to send would be N95/surgical face masks (GB19083-2010, which is a Chinese standard) or gloves, but protective suits and other advanced protective products would be extremely useful.

Social Contributions Needed for (Nanjing) Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital Announcement

My introduction: Nanjing, the city where I have lived for four years, is the capital of Jiangsu. It is the coastal province of 80 million bordering Shanghai to the west and north. It has 70 confirmed cases, as of January 28, which puts it about in the middle of the pack of severity. It is not the most severe, but medical personnel everywhere need any support that others can offer them. Nanjing has been good to me over the years.

Jiangsu People’s Hospital is on the front line of the fight to prevent the spread of the new form of coronavirus. It has been chosen as the main hospital in the region to receive patients suspected of having the virus.

“Because the number of people seeking medical attention every day is quite high and there are many medical personnel,  in order to better treat the ill and better protect frontline medical workers, our hospital is opening a channel to accept donations, a standardized channel that will accept legal donations from people of all social circles.”

The following goods are needed:
N95 face masks,
medical-grade surgical masks,
medical-grade protection suits,
quarantine suits,
protective goggles,
protective masks

“The above one-time use medical-grade protective goods must come in full packaging and within the listed period of effectiveness. Some of the protective goods must meet or surpass national standards.”

Address to send contributions (copy or print both Chinese and English):
People’s Republic of China
Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City, Gulou District
Jiangsu People’s Hospital
Guangzhou Lu No. 300

Wuhan City Hanyang Hospital is Receiving Compassionate Contributions

My introduction: Wuhan is where the outbreak started, and it is one of a dozen cities under quarantine. Seven hundred of the confirmed cases and most of the deaths have occurred in Wuhan. Hanyang district is in the south of urban Wuhan and was one of the three cities that came together to comprise Wuhan. (The sprawling city of 11 million includes Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang.)

This hospital’s press release reads in part: “Our staff of more than 1,000 are fighting bravely on the frontlines for the health of the people. They are throwing their whole bodies into the work of stopping the spread of the outbreak.”

They need N95 face masks, surgical face masks, single-use medical-grade face masks, protective suits, surgical attire, protective goggles, protective face masks, and protective shoe coverings

Address to send contributions (copy or print both Chinese and English):
People’s Republic of China
Hubei Province, Wuhan City, Hanyang District
Wuhan Hanyang Hospital
Moshui Hu Lu No. 53

Zhushan County People’s Hospital Lacking Needed Goods News Release

Zhushan County People’s Hospital Lacking Needed Goods News Release

My introduction: Wuhan is not the only city affected in Hubei. There’s over 1,400 cases in the whole province. Zhushan County is located in northwestern Hubei and has a population of approximately 500,000. The county is under the administration of Shiyan city, which has 65 cases of coronavirus.

“Since the spread of the new form of coronavirus pneumonia began, the entire staff of medical personnel at Zhushan People’s Hospital have energetically thrown themselves into the front line of preventive action. The whole hospital is united from top to bottom with one heart, running into the scene of danger, dedicated to winning the fight against the epidemic.”

“In order to do our jobs of prevention well, we urgently need medical-grade caps, medical-grade face masks, protective suits, protective goggles, and other protective goods.”

Address to send contributions (copy or print both Chinese and English):
People’s Republic of China
Hubei Province, Shiyan City, Zhushan County, Chengguan Town
Zhushan County People’s Hospital Yaoxie Management Office
Renmin Lu No. 3
人民路3号 竹山县人民医院药械管理办公室

Other goods cited in some hospitals’ releases include single-use gloves. For technical specifications for the protective suits, they should meet the Chinese standard of GB19082-2003. N95 face masks should meet the GB19083-2010 standard.

Guangzhou Medical University’s No. 1 Hospital

People’s Republic of China
Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, Yuexiu District
Guangzhou No. 1 Hospital
Yanjiang Xi Lu No. 151

Chongqing City Public Health and Treatment Center

People’s Republic of China
Chongqing Municipality, Shapingba District
Geilinshan Baoyu Lu No. 109

Lists of hospital press releases asking for donations in other regions:

Hunan hospitals needing donations

Anhui hospitals needing donations

More Wuhan hospitals needing doantions

If there are any other regions you are interested in helping and would like to learn information about, then send me a message.

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