How to Choose The Best Bali Hostel for Vacation

Bali Hostel

Bali Hostel

Traveling to the island of Bali is everyone’s dream. Even so, many are constrained by the budget because the cost of accommodation in Bali is known to be so expensive. But this is not the case, there are many places to stay such as cheap hostels in Bali that you can get at a low price per night. If you are the type of person who doesn’t really care about the star quality of a hotel in Bali or Bali Hostel as long as you can stay comfortably, calmly, and safely then please refer to the full article below.

Tips for Choosing the Nearest Hostel in Bali

Bali Hostel

Being one of the favorite destinations for foreign and local tourists certainly makes accommodation in Bali famous for being so expensive. However, if you are more observant, you can find a variety of cheap and comfortable places to stay like Bali Hostel.

If you want to find a cheap hostel in Bali, make sure to choose it in detail so you don’t get a bad place to stay. For that, here we provide detailed tips on choosing cheap hostels in Bali that you can try:

Determine the quality of the hostel

Whether a hostel is good or not is usually made in the form of a “star” rating. For example, 1-star offers the simplest services, and 5-star offers super complete special services.

Check reviews on the internet

Before booking a hotel, it would be nice to know the reviews first on the internet. You can find reviews from Google Maps, ticket booking sites, or from hotel review provider websites.

Facilities offered

Although cheap, if there are no supporting facilities or additional facilities such as wifi and TV, it will certainly make you feel uncomfortable. So, first make sure the facilities available at the hostel before deciding to book it.

The location must be easy to reach

If you are in Kuta, Bali, then be sure to choose the hostel closest to your location. The closer to the tourist attractions will certainly make us not have to bother in traveling to and fro.


The cheaper the room, the worse the quality. In fact, many cheap hotels in Bali offer prices ranging from 50 – 100 thousand per night with quality that is no less good than top-level hostels.

Reasons for Choosing to Stay in a Bali Hostel

There are various types of lodging that we can choose when traveling, one of which is a hostel. Staying in this type of accommodation means that you often have to be prepared to share a room with strangers and share a bathroom. Although privacy is not guaranteed, hostels are a popular choice among travelers, what are the advantages of staying in a hostel over staying in a hotel? Here are the reasons to stay at a hostel

Spending Money Wisely

Staying at a hostel obviously doesn’t cost much compared to staying at a budget hotel. Here, you can reduce your expenses while traveling to the destination of your choice. You can also allocate your money to try new things, such as tasting the culinary specialties of the location.

Find New Friends

Not only meeting travelers from other parts of the world, staying at a hostel allows you to make friends with them. This is because the situation in hostels is not the same as hotels. While guests in hotels tend to maintain their privacy from one another, hostels are generally more open, and communication between one guest and another is generally very frequent. This allows you to meet, get to know, and make friends with other travelers who come from different backgrounds.

Learn About the Local Culture.

The hostel environment is generally close and has no boundaries with the surrounding neighborhood. This allows you to get a deeper sense of the local culture of the area you are exploring. Staying in a hostel allows you to interact and socialize more closely with the locals.


With not as many rules as hotels, staying at a hostel can allow you to feel more relaxed and do whatever you want.

New Experiences

As mentioned in point number two, you can meet many new friends at hostels. Generally, they are travelers from various countries around the world. Of course, they have different unique experiences. You can also exchange stories and share experiences with each other. In addition to getting a new experience staying at a hostel, you can also gain new experiences from exchanging stories with other travelers.

Some Things to Consider When Staying in a Bali Hostel

Bali Hostel

Hostels in Bali can definitely be a cheap alternative place to stay, for you backpackers. Apart from the wallet-friendly rates, staying at a hostel can also provide a new experience because you will share a room with other travelers.

If you choose to stay at a hostel, make sure you also pay attention to the following things. So that you don’t disturb the comfort of other travelers.

Maintain and Respect Privacy

Bali Hostels usually have free wi-fi facilities for all residents. But that doesn’t mean you can have fun video calling via Skype in the dorm. This could disturb your room-mates who are sleeping or napping in the room. One small thing that is also important to do in the dorm is to make sure your smartphone is on vibrate mode to maintain the quiet atmosphere in the dorm.

Shower Early

This is so you don’t have to queue for a shower, and also not make other people wait for a long time in front of the shower room door. Remember, besides you there will be other travelers who will also shower before starting traveling.

Packing Early

By doing this, you can check out early in the morning or leave for the sunrise spot without making noises that can disturb your room-mates. It’s also best not to pack in the middle of the night, as this can make other travelers’ sleep time uncomfortable.

Bring a T Plug

The number of power outlets in your dorm or other rooms in your hostel may be limited. So, it’s better to bring a T-plug from home, so that you and other residents in the hostel can charge your gadgets at the same time. So, you don’t have to fight over the power outlets.

Sharing Experience

After getting to know your fellow backpackers at the hostel, you can also invite them to chat and share your traveling stories. Who knows, you might make new friends with whom you can have fun exploring new places. Or, maybe next time you’ll be invited to travel to their city/country and stay at their house for free!

Fake Hostel

Bali Hostel

Tourists need to be vigilant when booking Bali hostels, as many cases of fraud have occurred, ranging from embezzlement of funds to the unavailability of promised facilities and services. here are the things to consider so as not to be deceived when making a booking

Length of Operation

Look for information on the length of time a hostel has been operated and advertised on a booking site. Check the date the Hostel manager joined the site to ensure the legitimacy of the Hostel’s operations.

Read reviews

Booking sites usually have a review section that contains complaints or praises from guests who have stayed there. If you’re unsure, read reviews of the hostel on TripAdvisor, which has millions of users worldwide. Be suspicious if there are repeated complaints from guests.

Look on the map

Search for the hostel on a map, such as Google Maps or Waze, to find out the exact location of the hostel. It’s important to check the location as well, as many guests end up disappointed when they find out that the hostel is far from the center of the crowd or in a small alley that cannot be reached by motorized vehicles.

Contact the owner

Contact the hostel owner directly through the rules of the game recommended by the booking site. As a test, you can ask the owner about the facilities and services provided by the hostel. It is important to remember, never send funds outside the account number listed on the site.


Arriving at the Hostel, immediately check all rooms that can be used. Immediately document and report anything that you feel will lead to complaints in the future, such as a dirty swimming pool or a holey sofa.

Less Touristy Area

Hostels located in touristy areas are usually more expensive and always full. Choose a hostel in a less crowded area to get a better price. Also avoid the holiday season, because if you don’t book in advance, hostels are usually booked out.

Having information about the destination city and talking to hotel staff, hostels or fellow travelers can also provide additional insights. This information can help avoid unsafe destinations and reduce the risk of scams.

Reliable lodging recommendations, such as Havenland Villa Bali. Lodging for tourists, especially in Bali, has many choices and recommendations that make it easier for them to plan their vacation. Choose lodging that is comfortable, within budget, and close to tourist sites or close to entertainment centers.