“You going to arrest me?” Unmasked rebels get into arguments, start fights

“You going to arrest me?” Unmasked rebels get into arguments, start fights

With coronavirus having infected over 30,000 people, everyone in almost every city in China is either required or heavily encouraged to wear masks whenever they go outside and into public spaces. In some places, it is even legally-binding. There have, however, been some examples of rebels who went so far as to start fights after being reprimanded for Unmasked. There was an example last week, on a public bus in Beijing, where a man was told by the bus attendant that he could not be on the bus if he was not wearing a mask.

“Are you saying I cannot go home if I can’t buy a mask?” he said and told the bus conductor to mind his own business.

The bus conductor said it was his job to enforce the mask rule.

The unmasked man reportedly hit him and was arrested.

Now there is news from February 7 that a man called the police to report himself for not wearing a mask. After being told by a street volunteer to wear a mask and engaging in argument, the man pulled out his phone.

“Hi, 110 [China’s 911]? I am here at Nanshi Fuxiao. They won’t allow me to walk on the street because I’m not wearing a face mask. I’m reporting myself, seeing if you’re going to arrest me or not. I will wait for you!”

He did not end up waiting, but he was apprehended later and, according to Man News, made to give an apology to the street volunteer.